LIFE 10 NAT/ES/000582
Lucha contra las especies invasoras en las cuencas hidrográficas de los ríos Tajo y Guadiana en la Península Ibérica
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Biological invasions, or 'bioinvasions', are considered to be the second leading cause for the loss of biodiversity around the world. That is the reason why administrations responsible for environmental management, and the drainage basins in Extremadura and the Alentejo region (Portugal) proposed a proyect which would help in combating alien invasive species. Particular measures would be adopted in order to carry out that task, such as preventive measures, protocol development, or the establishment of control/eradication strategies, all of them being part of the transboundary collaboration between Spain and Portugal.
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The Directorate General for Environment in the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Environment, and Energy of the Government of Extremadura is the beneficiary-coordinator of the LIFE/NAT/ES/000582 Project “Combat invasive species in the Tajo and Guadiana drainage basins in the Iberian Peninsula”. This project was approved in 2011 with a total budget of 2,895,267€; and it is cofinanced to 48,55% by the LIFE+ Fund.

This proyect started in January 2012 and will end in December 2016.
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