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Lucha contra las especies invasoras en las cuencas hidrográficas de los ríos Tajo y Guadiana en la Península Ibérica
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Feral animal: animal specimen traditionally kept as a pet that now belongs to the natural environment. Its life cycle, or part of it, develops without human intervention.

Feral plant: vegetal specimen that grows wild, which was originally considered a houseplant.

Pet animal:
domestic animals owned by people to keep them company at home. These species have been traditionally kept as pets; and some of them are very helpful when accompanying blind or visually impaired people.

Domestic animal:
animal species that does not belong to wildlife, which commonly reproduces and lives together with people. Specimens intended for food or fur production, etc., pack animals, or those used in farming are also considered to be domestic animals.

Exotic pets: alien wild animals kept at home for a person's enjoyment.

Native species: species kept in its natural distribution area.

Alien species: any species and all its constituents able to survive or reproduce out of its natural distribution area with human help.

Alien species with invasive potential: alien species that might become invasive in Spain in the near future, especially those showing this capacity in similar ecosystems.

Alien invasive species:
alien species which is introduced in natural habitats where it becomes a thread to native biodiversity.

Introduction: displacement of species out of its natural distribution area, caused by direct or indirect human action.

Invasion: result of the growth and spread of an invasive species population, whose effects have a negative impact on the ecosystems in which it has been introduced.

Control: action carried out by the competent authority consisting in the reduction of the distribution area, number or thickness of alien invasive species; or the avoidance of its dispersal.

Eradication: process through which a species population is completely eliminated.

Promotion: set of rules adopted towards the natural environment in order to increase a particular species distribution. These rules will be concerned with the continuation, conservation or restoration of a species habitat or population.

Hybrid: a specimen resulting from a cross between two different species.
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